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What are the many types of dentists?

 The words "dentist," "dental" or any combination thereof, and the initials DDS, DMD, or other similar names may appear at the end of a dental practitioner's name. An oral expert could possibly be referred to by the same dentist.

General Dentistry-- DDS vs DMD.

When you visit a dental professional, you may be seeing your regular dentist, most likely a DDS or DMD. A DDS graduate has earned the Doctor of Physician of Oral Surgery degree; a DMD graduate has completed their Doctor of Medicine in Dental Care or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry degrees.

To acquire those certificates, you must have four years of dental school and three or more years of undergraduate research.

DDSs and DMDs are both dentists with the same diplomas, except for their titles. The difference in name is due to the institution where they received their education and how that school labels the profession. To practice dentistry, both must complete the same curriculum courses, a built exam, and a licensing examination.

General dentists, on the other hand, are specialists in oral health care who work with both teeth and gums.

If you don't want to call in our next set of dental professionals—dental specialists—then all that is necessary for your problem is a dentist.

Dental Specialists

When your dental health requirements exceed those of an average dentist, you may be referred to an oral specialist by your general dentist. Oral specialists have spent two to four extra years in school studying a specific field of dentistry. Right here is where one of the most common forms of dentists practice.

A dentist who focuses on treating problems with the jaw or teeth of both youngsters and adults is known as an orthodontist. If there are other teeth, missing teeth, or teeth that are overcrowded, an orthodontist will use treatments like braces, Invisalign, and retainers to treat the patient.

If you're expecting a child, don't be shocked if they are referred to an orthodontist as soon as they're seven months old.

Pediatric dentist-- Pedodontists are dentists that specialize in working with children. Much of their post-graduate training is focused on building a positive connection between kids and their dental experts based on child psychology. They interact with youngsters to establish the groundwork for future comprehensive dental care as well as various services accessible to individuals with special requirements.

A cosmetic dentist is a dentist who specializes in the medical treatment of disease, injuries, and the aesthetics or functions of the mouth.

Surgeons who specialize in periodontics are known as periodontists. They are the people that end up removing wisdom teeth, implants, and suspicious biopsy sites in the mouth. They may also have additional training in anesthesia to ensure that patients are comfortable throughout any surgical treatment when needed.

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in your periodontal tissues and structure. A referral to a periodontist is usually made to aid patients with advanced gum (peri) disease. They are also certified in dental implant surgery.

Prosthodontist-- An oral surgeon is a dentist who focuses in assisting patients with restoring and replacing damaged or lost teeth. Their objective is to evaluate all of the variables that might assist a client in obtaining a healthy, natural-looking grin. Dental implants, bridges, and dentures are only some of the procedures they may execute.

When you're referred to a dental specialist, it's in your best interests to go see them. You can get specialized treatment from an expert if you went to your regular doctor for knee replacement surgery.

So there you have it: the various dental practitioners that were discussed. Remember that your regular dentist will be the first person you contact if you experience any oral health problems.

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Infident Dental Clinic Nicosia


Infident Dental Clinic is a family-run business offering professional general and cosmetic dental treatment in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our dental clinic has been proudly serving the city of Nicosia for over 20 years, providing a range of dental cosmetic treatments for people of all ages. At our clinic, you can expect to find a calming, professional atmosphere that makes your visit to the dentist as stress-free as possible. Supplied with the latest technology, we invest heavily in software and equipment that makes your dental treatment predictable and comfortable. From simple general dentistry to complex restorative options, Infident offers the full range of treatments required to keep your teeth healthy and your smile sparkling.

Dental Clinic Nicosia


If you're looking for a trusted dentist in Nicosia, you're certainly not lacking in options. But with so many dental clinics to choose from, how can you be sure that you're choosing the right dental clinic? You might be asking, "which is the best dental clinic in Nicosia near me?” 

Choose Infident Clinic — a trusted and reliable clinic with two decades of experience in the dental clinic industry. 

The Infident Clinic is located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The central setting puts you within easy walking distance of a wide range of shops, businesses and services, as well as some of the city's most popular tourist attractions. 

The clinic is in a convenient location, making it easily accessible to those living in and around the city. It is ultramodern and spacious, with cutting-edge equipment and a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. They offer a vast range of dental services that can meet the needs of patients of all ages.

Dental Clinic Near Me

Life is truly beautiful when you can flash a confident smile. And a healthy, beautiful smile starts with good oral health. 

So, when was the last time you smiled without feeling self-conscious about your teeth? If it's been a while, then it's time for you to visit a trusted dental clinic in Cyprus — and that's where Infident Clinic comes in.  

For gentle and reliable dental care in Nicosia, seek out a family-run business like Infident Clinic. We offer a vast range of dental services, from basic cleanups to more complex procedures such as Invisalign treatments and wisdom tooth surgery.

What's more, Infident Clinic is one of the few dental clinics in Cyprus that offers a complete range of general dentistry to cosmetic procedures. So if you need urgent dental care, Infident Clinic is the place to go. 

Dentist Cyprus Near Me

When you search for “dentist in Cyprus near me”, Infident Clinic will definitely be on that list. It has been almost 20 years since the Infident Clinic first opened its doors. In that time, it has served as a vital resource for the people of the local community. The clinic is run by a team of highly qualified dentists who are experts in their field and genuinely care about their patients' well-being. 

Here is the list of services available at Infident Clinic: 

Invisalign Treatment 

If you are not confident with the appearance of your teeth or have alignment issues that you would like corrected, Invisalign may be the perfect choice for you. Invisalign is a type of system that moves the teeth without the need for braces. It uses a series of custom-made aligners to gradually move your teeth into the correct position.

Since these clear aligners are removable, you can continue to enjoy your favourite foods and drinks. Unlike braces, there are no dietary restrictions. Plus, you can brush and floss as you normally would. 

Whitening Treatment

Over time, the dark pigments of your food can stain your teeth. This is especially true for foods that are high in tannins like coffee, red wine and black tea. A whitening treatment can help reverse this discolouration by penetrating deep into the teeth to break up stains.

There's nothing quite like the sight of a set of pearly whites. And thanks to advances in Infident Clinic’s technology, achieving those dreamy whites is easier than ever. You'll love the new, dazzling smile you get after just one session and you’ll be surprised at how naturally brilliant your teeth will look!

Emergency Treatment

Time is of the essence when it comes to dental emergencies. The pain may be throbbing and overwhelming, and you’ll want relief right away. From toothaches to lost fillings, even to just easing your thoughts and concerns, Infident Clinic can provide you with the treatment you need right away. 

Surgical Treatment and Wisdom Teeth 

If you have a wisdom tooth that is causing pain or other dental problems, you may need to go to a dentist to have them surgically extracted. The dentists at Infident Clinic are experienced in wisdom teeth removal and can help you get through this procedure quickly and comfortably.

Children Treatment

The first visits at the dentist are critical to ensure the child grows a positive attitude towards the dentist and to implement good oral habits from an early age. Dentists at Infident Clinic can prevent your child’s dental issues from becoming more severe and requiring extensive treatment down the road. Their pediatric dentists are experienced in working with children of all ages, and they offer a variety of dental services to keep your child's teeth healthy and cavity-free.

Don't put off your dental care any longer! A small cavity now can turn into a much bigger and more expensive problem down the road. Get the best dental care at Infident Clinic. They offer a variety of services, from general dentistry to cosmetic procedures. They use the latest technology and equipment to provide their patients with the best possible care.



What are the many types of dentists?

 The words "dentist," "dental" or any combination thereof, and the initials DDS, DMD, or other similar names may appear ...